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We aim to be the leading talent solution provider of choice. Working to keep the human element alive, whilst making a difference in the recruitment world. We believe in shared prosperity for all. We are passionate about finding the role that will make a difference to your life. Our values are alive in our actions, they are not just words.


Latest Jobs

Don't take our words for it....

  • To say that I was impressed with Sharon is a complete understatement.  She found me my perfect role, secured me an interview, and got me the job offer in less than 4 days!

    I’m delighted with my role as Sharon has paired my personality and skills & requirements with my dream company.

    Sharon is always upbeat, enthusiastic and positive with 100% focus. She really delivered on her commitments .. phoning me every time she said she would (and on time!) and always keeping me in the loop.

    She massively exceeded my expectations. Having dealt with other recruiters previously I feel qualified to say that Sharon is my sole recommendation!

    Offices Services Candidate - Office Services

  • Just wanted to say thank you for the time and effort you have gone to over the past week to help secure me a placement.   I was very impressed with not only your professionalism but also your personable manner.  I found the whole process to be effortless as I was kept up to date throughout and received feedback at every step.

    Lucy - Accountancy & Finance

  • I had the pleasure of working with MPeople in 2018 whilst I was looking for a new job. From the moment I met Aaron I was confident that he would be able to assist in my job search. Unlike most recruitment consultants, he came across as genuine, friendly and extremely helpful. Aaron was thorough in his work and only put me forward for roles which were relevant to my location, salary bracket and skill set and didn’t waste time with roles that weren’t suitable for me. Within a couple of months of first meeting Aaron, and thanks to his dedication and hard work, he put me forward for a role which was ideal for me. After a successful interview I was offered the job and have now been happily working for the company for 4 months and hopefully for a long time to come!

    Natalie Leigh - Accountancy & Finance - Placed at Saville Whittle

  • Aaron was so attentive from start to finish.  Finding a new job is can be a very daunting process, but Aaron made me feel at ease and provided me the support I needed throughout my job search. He prepared me well for interviews and ensured he stayed in constant contact. Unlike previous experiences with recruitment agencies, Aaron ensured he treated me like an individual rather than just a number.  I felt as though Aaron really made the effort to build a relationship with me to ensure he found me the perfect job. I would recommend Mpeople to anyone wanting a friendly, understanding, professional experience.

    Georgina English - Accountancy & Finance - Placed at TUSK

  • I uploaded my CV to online job websites and pinged it off to any Jobs I thought I’d be able to do… a few agencies got in touch with me and asked if I would like them to forward my CV onto possible future Employers. Of course, I said yes – go for it! Very rarely I would hear back from the agencies and I would end up chasing the them to see where the process was up to. Often left wondering if they had even bothered forwarding my CV on or not!

    Then Aaron from MPeople got in touch with me, and asked if I would like him to help me in finding a new job. I said yes as the more people helping me find a job, the better. Aaron however was different to the other Agencies I had been in contact with. He would e-mail detailed job specs over, give me key information about the Company and keep me updated with all communication from his Client.

    Aaron secured multiple interviews for me, and each time I had an interview he would be extremely thorough in giving me all the details about the Company, what sort of work the Business carried out, if it was a large/small office, he would give me every detail! Even directions to get there and giving me the heads-up about what sort of atmosphere to expect.

    The final interview I had was by far the best as the day after he rang me with the best news – they offered me a job! He was so supportive throughout the whole process and always encouraged me to keep positive – after having a few interviews that I wasn’t successful in it’s easy to start doubting yourself, but he kept me motivated.

    If you have the opportunity for Aaron to assist you in a job search, you’ve got the best recruiter in town in my eyes!

    Laura Devall - Accountancy & Finance - Placed at Crane

  • I could not praise Sophie and Aaron enough at Mpeople! They took the time to go through my career options and listened to what I was looking for in a new job and gave me fantastic advice and support, which lead to a perfect job!

    Throughout the whole process Sophie has supported me and was prompt in following up after the interview. The following day I had a job offer! This is all down to the professionalism and the knowledge that Mpeople can provide to support one’s career. I am very happy in my current job, and couldn’t thank you guys enough! I would happily recommend you to others!”

    Aimee Powell - Accountancy & Finance - Placed at LED Hut

  • Mpeople have been fantastic for me from my very first meeting. It is their personable approach that sets them aside. Sophie has really taken the time to understand my needs to ensure I am put forward for the right roles. During the whole process she has been professional, approachable and above all very friendly. She is always available to provide updates, advice and feedback. Communication is the key to progression and this is where Sophie really excels.

    Mpeople are an agency I can fully trust and I know they act with my best interests in mind."

    Tom Matley - Accountancy & Finance - Placed at Trade Mouldings

  • I am delighted to write this testimonial for Mpeople recruitment Agency and especially Sophie and Aaron. From the moment I joined the agency and met Sophie and Aaron at their office, I felt at ease and they gave me confidence in the knowledge that they would secure me a position with one of their clients. They are extremely professional and very helpful and supportive. They both knew exactly what kind of position would suit me and it was not long before a role came up. Sophie put me through for the role immediately after leaving her client and I secured an interview the same day and I was offered the position. She did a wonderful job in securing my perfect job, she knew exactly what I was looking for and also her client, and it is a perfect match.  I would highly recommend Mpeople and, in particular, Sophie and Aaron.

    Tara Kershaw - Accountancy & Finance - Placed at HT Tooling

  • Mpeople offer excellent service. They use their knowledge and expertise to match the right job opportunity to the candidate always ensuring they keep in mind their specific skills and preferences. They will often look to push the boundaries of the candidate offering options they may not have considered. Mpeople Consultants will take the time to listen to their candidates, and clients giving clear explanations, answer questions and concerns and giving relevant advice in times of uncertainty.

    I have no hesitation in recommending Mpeople.

    Louise Doyle - Accountancy & Finance - First Buses - Head of Payroll

  • I felt that you provided an excellent service in trying to help me secure a new role. You clearly listened to the type of role I was looking for and understood my previous work experience. You gave a clear picture of the role on offer including the type of role it was, understanding of the working environment as well as the potential opportunities it could lead to in future. I would be more than happy to contact you again if I were to look for a new position. Thank you again for your assistance.

    Shafwan Shikdar - Accountancy & Finance

  • I couldn't recommend Mpeople enough. Harriett was fantastic and I had a really positive experience. Harriett really listened to what I wanted in terms of location, role and salary. Within 4 days I had registered, attended an interview and received a job offer, which I accepted! I've now been in my role 3 months and couldn't have been placed in a better team of people. Thank you again!

    Jacqueline Brown - Accountancy & Finance

  • Thank you so much for your assistance in my search for employment. You have been an absolute dream to work with and have been so helpful and accommodating throughout. I certainly would not hesitate to contact you in the future should I require any further assistance. I would also happily point any of my friends in your direction should they be in the market for a new finance role. Thank you again for all your hard work, it has been greatly appreciated.


    Jennifer Dlugosz - Accountancy & Finance

  • I worked for Paul twice whilst he was a senior recruiter. He always had time for you or would contact you back if he was busy. He knew what you could do and never placed or recommended you to a colleague if he didn't think you could do the job. Lancashire will be glad to have him as he works hard for all his clients.

    Jon Shaw - Mpeople Huddersfield

  • I came to Paul when I relocated from the Midlands up to Yorkshire and was looking for a role that would allow me to build on my experience and give me the opportunity to earn very good money. He placed me at a company in Halifax and I have been here for 7 months. It is exactly what I was looking for and Paul was excellent. He took into consideration everything that I wanted to achieve and got me up and running quickly. Would definitely recommend.

    Raza Hassain - Mpeople Huddersfield

  • Lynda has assisted me in an interview with a company in Huddersfield.

    Lynda helped me with interview prep and my CV, she was a great support throughout and is a great asset to your company!
    She really does go the extra mile! A job well done.

    Thank you

    Jessica Horsman

    Jessica Horsman - Mpeople Leeds

  • It is rare to meet people in business with such an excellent grip of the needs of the customer. All your candidates have gone on to become effective members of our team, delivering value to the business. It is clear that you and your team have a knack for placing people that goes beyond ticking the skills boxes, undertaking the more difficult element of perfectly matching candidates to the culture and working environment of the business they hope to join. Thank you once again for the professional and efficient way you continue to meet our staff requirements.

    Dave Broxton - General - Managing Director - Bohle Ltd

  • A massive thank you for helping me secure the role at VPS. In two working days you managed to find and secure a role matching my needs, something that two other recruitment agencies couldn’t do in two-three weeks. Thanks again.

    Jaqueline - Accountancy & Finance

  • As a Part Qualified CIMA Candidate, I was extremely impressed by Harriett and Mpeople from the outset, it was clear that she had shown care and attention to ensure the role I was put forward for was something that matched my career progression requirements. In every step of the process, they showed professionalism and I am delighted by the job I now have, I jump out of bed at 6 am every morning to go to work and I am so happy I used Mpeople.

    Steven Lee - Accountancy & Finance

  • to source both temporary and permanent employees. In 2018 the AP function went through quite a prolonged period of transition. We were receiving an abundance of CV’s from various agencies, but not many matched the requirements for the role.

    We were then introduced to Aaron and Harriet at MPeople. The service they have provided is amazing, and they have worked tirelessly to ensure that we are only sent relevant CV’s. The standard of clients they have provided us have been of a high quality, and each recruitment’s abilities have matched those on their CV.

    MPeople are very easy to deal with and always prioritise the interests of both the candidate and clients above their own. This combination has ensured that MPeople will always be given priority whenever there is a vacancy.

    Steve Paul - Accountancy & Finance - VPS - Accounts Payable Manager

  • I would be happy to say that I have found the service from Mpeople to be very good. A good selection of candidates proposed and communication was excellent at all times. Sophie has been great to work with and has been professional throughout.

    Duncan Booth - Accountancy & Finance - Trust Distribution - Financial Controller

  • I have used Mpeople on 2 occasions for Finance Vacancies – they are very easy to deal with, they understand the market, they are  also quick and efficient to find the right candidates to fill my vacancy, I will definitely be using MPeople again.

    Lisa Allen - Accountancy & Finance - TSUK - HR/Payroll/Accounts Manager

  • Alexandra was a pleasure to deal with and kept me fully informed throughout the entire recruitment process I was going through. I was successful in obtaining a new post, and would have no hesitation in recommending her to others

    Aneurin Miles - Animal Health & Nutrition - Key Account Manager

  • It is a great pleasure for me to write this recommendation for Alexandra Guy who holds a position of a Global Recruitment Specialist Animal Health & Nutrition with Mpeople. I was very impressed with Alexandra's enthusiasm, communication skills and professionalism when she was arranging my personal recruitment in 2016. She consistently demonstrated all of these qualities and more, and I heartily recommend her to any person or organization in the Global Animal Health industry that is looking for new job or for new people, respectively.

    Alexandra is reliable, hardworking, focused, organized and dedicated with enormous contacts in the industry, and it was a real pleasure for me to work with her.

    Alexander Tardatian - Animal Health & Nutrition - CEO - self employed

  • Alexandra is extremely focused and passionate about her profession. She came to me with an exciting role that although it took quite some time to come to fruition, she stayed with it. She kept me well informed at all times and provided me with all the relevant details and encouragement to land me the position, I would not hesitate for a moment in recommending Alexandra (she's a real star!) I'm looking forward to the occasion when I can engage her to recruit on my behalf. Go for it, Alex !

    Tim Kirby - Animal Health & Nutrition - Veterinary

  • Alexandra is a consummate professional with an in-depth knowledge of the animal health and veterinary sector. An outstanding example of how all specialist consultants should aspire to be. Her warm personality and excellent relationship skills not only give confidence to her clients but to her peers, colleagues and candidates alike. I would highly recommend Alexandra from a candidate perspective as she is honest, knowledgeable and works tirelessly on your behalf to find the right role for you whilst maintaining a warm, friendly and honest approach that unfortunately seems to be lacking in recruitment today. Keep doing what you are doing Alexandra; you are a credit to your company.

    Keely Drage - Animal Health & Nutrition - NCAH

  • Extremely efficient is the best way to describe David’s approach to recruitment. He listened to my needs before setting out a clear plan of how and when things would happen. I was impressed with David’s knowledge of the clients and his effortless approach to getting my questions answered. I would 100% recommend David for any recruitment needs you may have.

    Lee Holloway - Animal Health & Nutrition - Head of Sales

  • Alex worked with me over a two year period during 2007 - 2009. At the time I wanted to work with a recruitment agency I could trust [now there's a challenge!] I interviewed half a dozen agencies, but it was Alex who convinced me that an exclusive deal with her company would be the best decision I could make...she was right.

    Through Alex’s professional and enthusiastic approach, we hired nine great people in that two year period. This was possible because Alex developed a solid business relationship with me, quickly. I knew that once Alex had the brief, she knew exactly the type of candidate I was looking for, and consistently came up with the goods.  I have great pleasure in recommending Alex and hope we can work together again in the future.

    David Smith - Animal Health & Nutrition - Divisional Vive President EMEA

  • I have worked with Alex for many years and she has never failed to impress me. Alex is results-driven, creative, highly ambitious and her enthusiasm is positively infectious. Totally professional at all times, Alex has extremely high values, underpinned by total rectitude and integrity. Alex is always keen to keep abreast of the latest technologies and recently, amongst other things, she has developed considerable knowledge appertaining to alternative energy solutions and sustainability. I don't often get the opportunity to work with Alex nowadays, which is a real shame as I have learnt a great deal from her over the years. Through her broad network of contacts though she has been able to continue to provide assistance to me and I place significant value on our friendship.

    Robert Owen - Animal Health & Nutrition - MBA, Sales Director

  • I have had the privilege to work with Alex as a vendor to my client for some 4 years in her both her sales and ultimately in her role as Head of Tactical Sales.

    At the outset I was very sceptical and old school but through her thoroughly professional, quiet, knowledgeable and steady approach, never giving up just patient, professionalism she brought us into the world of digital advertising/marketing. We have never looked back.

    Her advice, guidance, recommendations and communication were sincere and above all knowledgeable and truly valid. She did what she said and said what she did, she is genuine and sincere. She did not sell us what was good for her bottom line but what was good for us and in turn good for her company.

    The relationship we developed over the years was such that she became not just a “Sales Rep or Associate” but a friend and colleague as well, never once over stepping that fine line. She is ambitious, hardworking, and loyal, she pays attention to detail. She is focused and develops strong relationships through being positive and cheerful with a can-do approach. She brings the solution not the problem.

    I highly recommend Alex, she will be an asset to any company and management team she works with in any undertaking. Should the opportunity ever present itself again I would be honoured to work with her again.

    Peter Acutt - Animal Health & Nutrition - Owner/Consultant - Acutt Consulting

  • Paul is a professional individual, who is great at communicating and thorough in every aspect of his work. I would highly recommend him.

    Karen Best - Mpeople Huddersfield

  • Anna completely understands the role I need to fill and matches the candidates perfectly. She provides people with the correct capabilities and appearance as this is key to the reception roles I require cover for. Anna always keeps me informed with all the information I require. I never have to chase her to follow up anything as she always proactively contacts me first. She is very reliable hence the reason I moved to M People when Anna joined them. She is always able to respond to my requests promptly, efficiently and professionally, and it’s a pleasure to work with her.

    Floorbrite Cleaning and Facilities Services - Mpeople Oldham - Floorbrite Cleaning and Facilities Services

  • Communication with Anna was regular, clear and effective. She did what she said she would do when she said she was going to do it.

    LDL Components Ltd - Mpeople Oldham - LDL Components Ltd

  • Wow - well done Shasta and team, amazing work!  Our ability to potentially roll out T Levels in the future is a result of your great success.  so you should all be really proud - thank you for your hard work.

    Melanie Guymer - Mpeople Education - Director of Community Studies

  • This is more than brilliant, a huge thank you for all the hard work that has gone into this.

    What a team – well done.

    Jackie Grubb - Mpeople Education - Principal, The City of Westminster College

  • The Work Experience team have done brilliantly!

    Ita Leavy - Mpeople Education - Head of Learner Services

  • This letter is a testimonial in support of Mpeople Educations work experience placement service which has been onsite with City of Westminster College.

    They have a dedicated ‘hub’ and have met all of the students individually and profiled them and their career aims. This has assisted in finding suitable placements that have really helped the students meet the employability criteria of their study programme. Quite a lot of students have also secured part time paid work as a result of their Work Experience.

    The Mpeople Education team have been really helpful, professional and hardworking whilst here. We have extended the contract because the percentage of meaningful placements has been very high.

    The service has included visits and presentations to all tutor groups, liaison with the tutors and employers, booking the students in and completing the risk assessments. It has relieved the pressure from individual tutors to arrange placements for their groups.

    They have made every effort to provide industry specific experiences and have dealt with the students as individual, tailoring everything to their needs wherever possible.

    As a department we have been very pleased with the service and have built a really good working relationship with the members of the team. Having them onsite has been really beneficial.


    I would recommend them to other colleges.

    Louise Reynolds - Mpeople Education - Head of Business and Financial Services, City of Westminster College


National Bring Your Dog to Work Day

Workplace stress causes negativity, which can create a tense working environment for employees. Did you know that petting a dog is proven to reduce your stress levels? Research has shown that stroking a dog reduces the blood pressure in your body which in turn changes your physiological state. Spending too much time concentrating on one job or problem etc. can hinder productivity and cause unnecessary stress. Pets remind people to pause and take a step back. A little playtime with a fury friend is a temporary distraction, that with help relieve you of any unnecessary stress! On National bring your Dog to work day we were visited by little Kobe, he certainly helped boost morale and kept everybody motivated ahead of the weekend! Thank you for putting a smile on our consultant's faces today Kobe!




Happy Eid!

Happy Eid from everyone at Mpeople!




Award Success for our Mpeople Stars!

On Friday 26th April our Mpeople teams celebrated a year of success at the Major Recruitment Group Awards evening. The 2018/2019 Financial Year was a great success for Mpeople Recruitment, with new individuals joining our teams, and consultants raising the bar by beating their personal bests. The Major Awards evening is an annual event where the Major Recruitment Group recognise the outstanding contributions and successes of employees, and where the whole group come together to celebrate another successful year of providing a high standard of recruitment services. Animal Health & Nutrition Manager, Alexandra Guy was amongst the individuals that scooped up more than one award on the evening. Alex was recognised for her achievements as she was presented the for ‘Highest Retainer Perm Fee across the Major Group of Companies’ award, and also the ‘100k Club’ award. It was also a successful evening for our Accountancy & Finance division that was established in January 2019. The team that consists of Aaron Conneran, Sophie Regan, and Harriett Busby, were awarded ‘Start Up Team of the Year’. Manager Aaron Conneran was another individual that was presented with the ‘100k Club’ award. Other members of Mpeople Recruitment made the short list for a number of awards, including Harriett Busby and Sophie Regan that were both nominated for ‘Newcomer of the Year’.




Mpeople Education - Well Done to Bali Kaur!

It is so fabulous being able to celebrate one of our key team members within Mpeople Education... Bali Kaur, after winning a great award at The City of Westminster staff awards today! It proves that each Mpeople Education employee prides themselves in embedding into the culture of our clients and to get recognised for an internal award is a great achievement. Massive congratulations to Bali !!!! A well deserved award !!




Kingfisher School is the Chosen Charity for our Oldham Office Services team

For the 2019/20 financial year our Office Services team in Oldham has chosen Kingfisher Special School in Oldham to be our Chosen Charity. Kingfisher is the only Primary School in Oldham that supports the learning and development of children with complex and severe learning difficulties. In this financial year our Office Services team hope to raise funds in order to support this reputable school’s valued work. Mpeople Recruitment will make a donation of £20 every time our Oldham Office Services team secures a permanent position for one of our valued candidates. They have also rolled out ‘Dress Down Friday’ where members team will make a weekly donation in order to wear their own clothes on a Friday. The team are also looking to hold other fundraising events throughout the financial year in order to raise as much money possible for the local organisation.




Such a nice feeling when...

Such a nice feeling when you know your hard work is appreciated! A good old ‘thank you’ always does the trick but it was such a lovely thought for this candidate to bring me & Aaron Conneran a card and little gift each. We KNEW the ideal role was out there for this candidate and we certainly weren’t giving up until we had it for him! He is all set to start on Monday with a fantastic company that has some incredibly exciting times ahead & we wish him all the very best :)




Why use an agency

Broaden your Experience Temping demonstrates adaptability and flexibility - key things which employers look for in a candidate. It is an ideal way to try new options, break into a new career change and increase your experience in new sectors, products, IT systems, management styles and company cultures. You may find a whole new direction or make yourself more attractive to future employers. Flexible Commitment If you are considering changing career direction, or unsure of where to go next, temping will allow you to try out some options before you commit to a new vocation. Financial Rewards As a temporary worker you are paid by the hour which means the more hours you work, the more money you can earn. Temps also tend to be in high demand which means you can often command more money than a permanent person in the same position. Access To New Opportunities Once you are temping within a business, under current legislation your employer must notify you of any permanent vacancies. You are entitled to apply, and it's a great way to access vacancies which wouldn't normally be accessible in the job market. Work Life Balance As a temp, you can pick and choose the length of assignments you wish to work on to suit your lifestyle, there is often more flexibility in the length of hours and contracts. And you are still entitled to holidays! When you need a break you are able to take one, and when you want to earn, your consultant will let you know what's available. This often results in a better work-life balance.




We won The Talk of Manchester Awards 7th December 2018

So proud of how far we have come in such a short space of time, and honoured to have such a fantastic team!! We only went and won the ‘Best Specialist Recruitment Agency’ award at the Talk of Manchester Business Awards last night!!




Joining in the Festive Fun for Save the Children!

It was time to embrace the Christmas spirit as Mpeople Recruitment and the rest of the Major Recruitment group dressed up to raise £252.25 for Save the Children on Friday the 14th December. Although the annual event usually requires participants to dig deep and dust off their Christmas Jumpers, our staff took it one step further with their outfit choices (as you can only expect from a team of competitive sales professionals). Christmas had definitely arrived in Oldham with appearances from the ‘Elf on the Shelf’, and Father Christmas himself. It wasn’t just our Oldham office that joined in the festive fundraising fun – the entire Major Recruitment group of companies joined in to raise money for a great cause! The star of the day was Harriett Busby from our Mpeople Accountancy & Finance team who was awarded ‘Best Dressed’ across the business, for her quirky idea of an outfit made from boxes decorated as Christmas presents. Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day aims to raise funds to make a brighter future for millions of children around the world that are missing out on education, healthcare and essential food. Best Dressed – Harriett Busby Paul Rowlands recreates Elf on the Shelf Mpeople’s Oldham staff get festive Mpeople and Major Recruitment join forces for Save the Children




Mpeople get their trainers on for Charity!

Sunday mornings in December are utilised for some to nurse some sore heads after Christmas parties, but on Sunday 9th December residents of Oldham turned out for a ‘bimble’ to help raise money for Children with Cancer UK. Participants join in the fancy dress fun Mpeople Recruitment teamed up with Mr Bump (James Wright) to host a one mile kids fun run, followed by a five mile race around Alexandra Park in Oldham. Many of the staff from our Oldham office dug out their trainers to get involved and raise money for the great cause. Winter Bimble in the Park raised a total of £1485.50 for the children’s charity, with a further £400 raised from the raffle on the day which was split equally between four local causes. Contestants were encouraged to sport fancy dress for the event, and a number of individuals partcipated. Amongst the crowd were runners dressed as Pikachu, festive elves, Disney characters, and of course Mr Bump himself. Other local businesses that sponsored and supported the charity event alongside Mpeople included Up and Running Oldham, Tesco Chadderton, Muirs Miles, Costco, Sport Physio and Lyndan Sports Therapy. Mr Bump himself (James Wright) Medals were rewarded to participants