Why use an agency


Why use an agency

Broaden your Experience

Temping demonstrates adaptability and flexibility - key things which employers look for in a candidate. It is an ideal way to try new options, break into a new career change and increase your experience in new sectors, products, IT systems, management styles and company cultures. You may find a whole new direction or make yourself more attractive to future employers.

Flexible Commitment

If you are considering changing career direction, or unsure of where to go next, temping will allow you to try out some options before you commit to a new vocation.

Financial Rewards

As a temporary worker you are paid by the hour which means the more hours you work, the more money you can earn. Temps also tend to be in high demand which means you can often command more money than a permanent person in the same position.

Access To New Opportunities

Once you are temping within a business, under current legislation your employer must notify you of any permanent vacancies. You are entitled to apply, and it's a great way to access vacancies which wouldn't normally be accessible in the job market.

Work Life Balance

As a temp, you can pick and choose the length of assignments you wish to work on to suit your lifestyle, there is often more flexibility in the length of hours and contracts. And you are still entitled to holidays! When you need a break you are able to take one, and when you want to earn, your consultant will let you know what's available. This often results in a better work-life balance.