On the 21st of November Mpeople Education hosted a money management workshop for second year business students. The workshop was facilitated by two Santander employees who are on the graduate scheme.

The young people were extremely engaged in the workshop, they all participated in 3 different activities which tested their financial knowledge.

One activity which made an impact was the personality test, which had different scenarios questions and the young people had to stand by the letter which applies to them.

Letter D were people who spend money recklessly

Letter B were people who know how to save and manage their finances.

Letter C were people who invest their money into things.

It was incredible to see majority of the student’s personality was based around knowing how to manage and save their money. Highlighting how focused the young people are and how they are wanting to seek financial knowledge that will help them in the future.

The group then had a discussion on how to invest their money wisely. They were set with some challenging questions such as “how would you pay for your first car”? The facilitators were very engaging and it was impressive to see the group understanding the process.

This workshop prepared the students to think big and gain knowledge on what is eligible for them in the future. The young people left the workshop feeling more self-assured and inspired to peruse their career aspirations and most importantly positive about what the future entails for them to be prepared for the working world.