The youth is the hope of the future


The youth is the hope of the future

The Gatsby Benchmarks is a framework of 8 guidelines that give the best-structured careers provision in schools and colleges. It is a great strategy that needs to be embedded into each student to help each student progress.


Schools and Colleges are required to work with the Gatsby Benchmarks to gain high-quality career guidance and to help students be exposed to different employer interactions.


Young people need the opportunity to get real-life experience in the working world, whether that be learning how to write a good CV, cover letter, job application, work shadowing or a full day work visit. By the age of 16, every student should have the opportunity in the working world while still being in fulltime education.

When a young person gains an insight into the working world, it builds their confidence, network and opportunity to develop further. Young people deserve to be given opportunities to strive as they are the new generation.

It is incredible to see young people take ownership of their lives, which is why a stable career programme works perfectly by allowing the students to know more what is available to them once they start focusing on the next step of their academic journey.


Work experience has the potential to develop into something great for young people, if a student has been successful in their placement, they are opening up opportunities for themselves and other young people to gain jobs. Not only would this look good for the company but also for the school reputation and development.

The future is for those who prepare for today, we must support young people to achieve their goals and give them the capacity to grow, to shine and become independent. Young people should feel as though they can become and do anything because they can, we want the students to gain hope that there is an abundance of opportunities out there once they have completed fulltime education.


As Mpeople Education we are passionate and determinate to help young people become the best version of themselves. We work hard to transform young people’s mind-set.  When we work with schools and colleges we make sure we provide the students with the right opportunities for them to gain employability skills.