16 February, 2022

6 Wellness Wednesday Ideas That’ll Boost Office Moral

  1. Host a step challenge

It’s common for those of us who work within an office to stay sat down for most of the day, however, why not introduce a friendly competition between co-workers. This can be done by calculating who has completed the most steps, the person who does so will receive a prize like a gift card perhaps.


  1. Have an acknowledgment jar/book


When people’s hard work is recognised, it can boost morale. So why not introduce an acknowledgement book/jar where co-workers write down who they would like to thank and what for or any work they think they should get praised for. The notes can get read out on a Wednesday meaning co-workers will feel their hard work has not gone unnoticed, not only this but it might cause others to work harder so they get recognised too.


  1. Implement flexi time


Allowing employees to have earlier or later start/finish times gives employees the flexibility they may need in their busy lives. Even working from home once a week, to give your employees the option to work from the comfort of their own home, which I am sure most people would appreciate – especially for those who might have a long way to travel to get into the office.


  1. Coffee Breaks


This is a bit different than just having brew by yourself at your desk, it is common in Sweden culture to have a designated coffee and cake break – also known as “fika”. This means co-workers make time for their colleagues and friends and encourages employees to interact with each other whilst also increases productivity as it refreshes their brain.


  1. Take a walking meeting


Rather than gathering in a meeting room, take your meeting outside to a nearby café, this is a great way to get yourself and your colleagues out of the office and into a new environment to enhance the productivity of your meeting.


  1. Dress down days


The last idea would be to have designated dress down days, perhaps a Friday? This allows for employees to ditch the company dress code and come into work in some casual clothes which they will feel comfortable in.