• We will be honest, ethical and transparent from the outset by making you aware of all the salient points that relate the recruitment industry and processes.
  • We pro-actively source and select talent by working on a tailored brief from each client.
  • We personally interview and assess the candidate, meaning we really get to know their skills, personality, ambitions and capabilities.
  • We undertake all relevant HR checks, such as the right to work, driving licence and education, meaning that when it comes to the offer stage, you can be confident that the candidate is eligible to work for you.
  • We manage all recruitment legislation on your behalf.
  • We manage, control and advise on current employment law with internal and external HR and legal support.  
  • All our payroll and Working Time Directive costs are included upfront in the agreed management fee.
  • We offer professional interview support and assistance for employers – we will attend interviews for you free of charge if you need us to. We also offer free, private interview rooms at the majority of our offices if required.
  • We offer a unique, 100% money back warranty, which we call our “Promised Success Guarantee” on permanent placements up to 65 days into employment. This guarantee is unrivalled in the marketplace.
  • If you choose not to take our 100% money back guarantee, we have Standard and Basic money back options with 10-week and 2-week rebates respectively.
  • Our costs whether on a Temporary, Contract or Permanent, whether on retained or contingent, basis are transparent and fair. We believe in bringing the salient points of our Terms of Business to life, which unless you are a recruiter you may not be aware of.